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About Gary

Raised in Seattle, Gary graduated from Roosevelt High in 1970 and the UW in 1975 with a degree in Urban Political Relations. He worked for FedEx for five years before moving back to Seattle to purchase Fleetfoot Messenger Service and has been in the Transportation Industry for the last 45 years. During that time he purchased or started over two dozen other companies including a consulting firm, a computer software firm, an indoor amusement park, an office supply company, two Freight Forwarders, an internet retailer, a road-repair service, an air-freight delivery service, a publisher, and multiple delivery services.

Gary lives now in Ballard and has been married to the former Kathleen Stake of West Seattle for 39 years. They have two daughters.

He is the founder of the Washington State Courier Association and was the Chairman of the Mayors Small Business Task Force in Seattle for two years. He is currently the President of three Corporations and spends most of his time running US Dispatch Corp. which services clients in various industries via three different brands (Fleetfoot Messenger Service, Runway Express Delivery, and MedEx)

During the 40 years of owning his own businesses, he has spent hours, months and years trying to fathom the mysteries of what makes people tick. He has developed original and unique methodologies for managing people which are transferable to any industry. He’s employed a series of unique compensation structures relying heavily on bonus programs and incentive laden payment plans which involve, engage, and motivate employees. In the process, he has literally created hundreds of different bonus plans and discovered those attributes which make them effective…or not.

Gary is the author of three business books which are based on his many years of discovering exactly what works and what doesn’t. He speaks to groups and has assisted clients in various states. You can learn more at

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