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Please add me to your list of supporters. — Karen Swygard

Living within our means, investing in our infrastructure, caring for our city including extending help, not a handout, to our homeless residents are all issues I fully support. Please vote for Gary — Bill Wertz

Finally, a mayor who realizes the war on cars is not a winning strategy! He also supports bringing the NHL and NBA to SODO - realizing Key Arena is not a good proposition. Those two issues alone are enough for me to support Gary Brose for Mayor! — Jeff Schoonover

Gary After researching the candidates you are the only one that hits all the Issues for me. SODO Wages Taxes Transportation clean up the City Crime — Guy Anderson

Please add me to your list of supporters. — Dominic Tullio

The King County Republicans endorse Gary Brose for Mayor of Seattle.

— King County GOP

Gary is a common sense businessman who can keep his eye on a budget while maintaining his big heart. He has run many successful businesses and his problem solving skills would be a huge asset to the community. Gary approaches situations to find the win-win solution. He can be tough, as every manager needs to be, and he is fair, which every manager should be. I support Gary as Mayor of Seattle — Scott Reid

I never thought I'd see a Seattle mayoral candidate who would tell it like it is. Maybe the city's not beyond hope after all, if they'd elect this guy. About time someone with some common sense stepped up to the plate. — Richard Moran

I want to go on record as endorsing Gary Brose for the Mayor of Seattle. I have known Gary over 40 years and am confident he brings excellent credentials to this position. Gary has acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state legislation as a businessman in Seattle for over 30 years. He is a straight shooter, knows how manage multiple businesses and is the right person to manage the multiple departments in the city of Seattle. If you want to see honest people in government, join me in supporting Gary Brose for Mayor of Seattle. — scott byhre

Mr. Brose is a wonderful employer, family man and a fantastic humanitarian. He is is an empathetic listener to today's needs for Seattle and has a strong history of thinking outside the box to create innovative and budget-friendly solutions to multiple problems. I am proud to know him and I believe he would make an unbelievable Mayor for our fair city of Seattle! Vote Brose! — Meghan Brown`

We need his kind of change. Let's spend our tax dollars on "real" traffic improvement instead of restrictive beautification. — David Sommers

It's rare to meet someone who is both good with numbers, and with people. As his daughter, I have spent a fair amount of time around him, and have seen first hand that he is a man that speaks with integrity. His actions always match his words, and his compassion for people and their needs matches his profound numerical abilities. I'm proud to be related to this guy! I'm voting for Gary Brose, Mayor of Seattle 2018! — Elisabeth Brose

It is my honor and pleasure to support and endorse Gary Brose for Mayor of Seattle. I have known Gary since grade school and consider him a great friend. He has owned several successful businesses in Seattle over the last 40 years. As a business leader, he has demonstrated that he knows what takes to run a successful business, solve problems and be fiscally responsible. As a friend, I have always found him to act with integrity and thoughtfulness; traits that I feel would be very useful when dealing with city officials and business leaders during tough deliberations. It is time for Seattle to elect a no nonsense, practical and tough fiscal leader as the next Mayor. — Gary Engel

Gary, you have my endorsement through the primary election. Go get 'em!

— Reagan Dunn

6/16/17:  Gary Brose has our endorsement for Mayor of Seattle.

— Mainstream Republicans

Friends, the position for Seattle Mayor is open this year and changes are needed . Seems we keep getting more of the same and the same is not improving the face of Seattle. What is needed is someone who truly cares for the city and the folks living in this dynamic community. We need to see a better accounting for and limitations to the taxes and fees paid. We need real improvements in our local transportation and law enforcement needs some visible support from the office of the mayor. The homeless are always being addressed but improvements in their situation just are not apparent. There are many issues that have done nothing but stagnate over the years. We need someone willing to make significant changes, someone interested in you and the city which is why I endorse Gary Brose for Mayor — Jim Brose

I have personally known Gary Brose for 40 years. He is a smart, hard-working entrepreneur and business owner who has what it takes to manage the City of Seattle. — Donna Stake

When I first met Gary professionally in the mid-80's, I was quickly impressed with his leadership skills and willingness to work hard to finish what he starts. He has a creative approach that combines the best of thinking out of the box, while being grounded in common sense and pragmatism. Since then, I have worked on many projects with Gary as well as spent time with him socially, and I can attest that he has a heart-felt concern for the well being of the people around him. I am certain that empathy will extend to the general citizenry of Seattle, and therefore, it is with real enthusiasm that I offer my endorsement of Gary Brose for Mayor of Seattle. Glen K. Byers — Glen Byers

I want to go on record as endorsing Gary Brose for the office of Mayor of Seattle. Since 2005, I have been fortunate enough to have been a part of his management team in the realm of airport operations, ground transportation and logistics. I find his work ethic and personality to be very refreshing in a high stress field. In my opinion, Gary brings excellent credentials, drive, sensibility and real-world expertise to this critical position. Throughout my experience there is a constant expectation of accountability and ownership to every decision that is made by either Gary himself or any other individual that is part of his selected team. Without question, Gary is a proven and effective leader on the business front through motivation and creative, critical thinking. He has always been readily prepared to contend with any challenge and I truly respect his ability to communicate with a broad range of individuals throughout the work force. — Scott Petersen

I have provided legal services to Gary for over 30 years and have great respect for his honesty, integrity, no-nonsense approach to problems, and his love for the City of Seattle. He will bring a much needed and fresh perspective to the problems facing the City. He is one we all need to lead this city forward in the coming years. — Jim and Cathy Aiken

I have known Gary for awhile now and I enthusiastically endorse him for Seattle Mayor. His business experience and common sense approach will bring a refreshing change to the Seattle political landscape. He is a good guy and very approachable, with a track record of success that will be a great asset to this office. - Doug Basler Co-Host of Eyes on Washington Radio Program — Doug Basler

I served on the Mayor's Small Business Task Force with Gary. He is a highly motivated small business owner who is always looking for continuous improvement in whatever he is involved in. He is an "idea person" and also a "doer". He is well organized, thoughtful and fair plus thorough. Gary is one who does what he commits to do. Gary would represent all people of Seattle respectfully and fairly as Mayor of Seattle. — Teresa Santerre

I've worked with Gary Brose for close to two years now on the Economics Visiting Committee, which is an alumni board for the U of W Economics department. While Gary was not an Econ major, he does so want to and enjoys helping the department and the students. Gary's enthusiasm, energy and desire to do good is outstanding. He went out of his way (and still does, in fact) to think of new ideas that could energize our alumni. Gary is the best combination I know of high energy with years of good common sense experience. — Olga Yang

Gary Brose is uniquely qualified to lead Seattle at this critical time of unprecedented development and change. He’s a seasoned—and successful—entrepreneur, as well as an author and mentor to aspiring business people. His independent, common-sense and unencumbered views of the city’s major problems are exactly what’s needed now. —Larry Coffman — Larry Coffman

I have known Gary Brose for 30+ years and have worked at his companies for a number of those years. The direct and common sense approach Gary has employed in business to solve problems and push projects forward is exactly what is needed in Seattle City government. I heartily endorse Gary Brose for Mayor! — John Jankowski

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